Kindergarten Curriculum
The learning patterns established in the very early years of a child’s life greatly affect the outcome of that child’s education. At Growing Tree, we strive to stimulate creativity and establish thinking and social skills that will promote future success in education and other areas of the children’s lives. Our kindergarten is an accelerated program covering material which would be first grade level in the public schools.
We begin the day with a table project, and then a few minutes of play. After cleaning up, we start the day with a devotional. This includes a prayer (given by a child), the Pledge of Allegiance, a thought, and the calendar. Following the devotional, we have reading, phonics, math, recess and snack. The remainder of the day offers such subjects as Spanish, social studies, science, music, art, spelling, logic, drama, handwriting, and composition.
Phonics, Composition, and Reading:
Kindergartners review the letters, sounds and vowel rules introduced in preschool. We learn consonant blends, irregular vowels, sight words, and principles such as the soft C and G rules. With these tools, most children will be reading by fall. Saxon first grade curriculum is used.
Students write initial consonant sounds, then words, then sentences. Students begin compositions by orally creating sentences. They then write endings to stories given by the teacher. Instruction will be given on capitals, punctuation, and spacing. Students eventually write their own stories. They master the skills they need to express their ideas on paper.
Words are selected each week that reinforce phonics lessons.
Poetry is an important part of our curriculum. We learn poems that explore animals, seasons, holidays, people, etc. Children learn confidence through reciting.
We review what was learned in preschool. Students then learn basic number concepts such as counting patterns, addition, subtraction, graphing, time, money, measurement, and story problems. Saxon first grade curriculum is used.
Social Studies and Science:
Growing Tree explores many exciting topics about our world. Some of these include: plants, animals, senses, topographical features, the sun, Earth, moon, human body, continents, weather, etc. We also study families, community helpers, nutrition, basic map skills, and various other topics.
Music is used daily in nearly every subject. A variety of songs are learned, emphasizing singing on key, enunciation, tempo, rhythm, harmony and other musical terms. We use musical instruments, creative dance, singing, activity CD’s, and performance to experience music. Winter and spring programs are held so families can enjoy the songs, poetry, and dance the children have prepared.
Art helps reinforce learning in other subject areas, as well as celebrate the seasons and holidays. Children have the opportunity to draw, color, paint, model, sculpt, glue, and cut. We experiment with different media as we do a variety of craft projects.
Physical Education:
We encourage healthy recreation through organized games and activities at recess. We develop coordination and teach skills and rules for popular team sports. We concentrate on rhythm, flexibility, agility, balance, direction and speed. We experience running, jumping, throwing, catching,, kicking, skipping, dancing and  other simple skills. We concentrate on both small and large motor skills.